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Brazilian Landscapes

'Brazilian Landscapes' is the new project conceived by Mario Bakuna

featuring new arrangements of material by great composers such as Marcos Valle, Claudio Bertrami, Gilberto Gil, João Bosco, and the 'forrozeiros' Dominguinhos and Luiz Gonzaga.

'Brazilian Landscapes' is a legitimate piece of Brazilian Jazz and a tribute to the culture and memory of Brazilian people and is the result of years of inspiration Mario drew upon while travelling through Brazil, experiencing its rhythmic and harmonic richness.

From the arid landscape in the northeast that's brought to the chorus of songs of forró, baião and xaxado, to the African influence found in Ijexá, the popularity of Samba and the sophistication of Bossa Nova, Mario and his musicians celebrate the most musically-rich territory on Earth.

released May 1, 2021 

Mario Bakuna on Acoustic Guitar, Vocals and Vocal Trumpet 
Sam Watts on Piano 
Matheus Nova on Bass 
Marcinho Pereira on Drums 

Produced by Mario Bakuna 
Recorded at Drum Intuition Studio, London, October 2020 
Mixed and Mastered by Fellipe Baldauf 
Artwork by Alê Prade

Where Rio de Janeiro Meets Bahia

'Where Rio de Janeiro meets Bahia' is a musical journey to Rio de Janeiro, the birthplace of Bossa Nova and on to Bahia, the city that best represents the powerful African influence in Brazilian music. Mario and Edmundo integrate the rhythmic roots of Brazilian music and its sophisticated harmonies. The album is a celebration of some of the greatest Brazilian composers and performers including the likes of Dorival Caymmi and (of course) Tom Jobim. Over to them for the final word: “We promise to transport the audience to a place where the real and the imaginary are experienced, all enhanced by the poetry of music”. 

released January 1, 2019 

Mario Bakuna on acoustic guitar, voice and vocal trumpet 
Edmundo Carneiro on percussion 
Special guests: Pierre Bailot on fluets and soprano saxophone (3, 6) and Luiz de Aquino on acoustic guitar (1) 

Produced by Mario Bakuna and Edmundo Carneiro 
Executive Producer: Marie-France Auguet & Sophie Maître 
Recorded by Luiz de Aquino at Studio Paraiso, Paris, May 2018 
Mixed and Mastered by Luiz de Aquino and Véronique Le Berre 
Photography and artwork by Patricia Castilho

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